Wilton Course One Class Two

Last night was the picture transfer. I know what you are thinking... "that's not a rainbow!" and you would be correct. She gave us an option between the rainbow and balloons and well it is clear the option I chose. It wasn't as good as a dalmatian but it was a step up. I got to work piping out my transfer picture on a piece of wax paper with black decorating gel. Then I flipped the wax paper upside down and rubbed the gelled picture onto my cake, pulled the paper off and I had an outline of balloons. Then I started going to town with my star tip filling in the lines.

I got to finish filling in my balloons before the teacher kicked us out early. I had to finish my borders and strings at home. I really wanted to "TA DA" and show my husband the finished cake but instead I showed him the unfinished version. Oh well, whatcha gonna do? Either way I am really happy with my cake, I would pay $10 for it! That is how I am judging my cakes based off of whether I would pay $10 for it. All in all it was a good technique to learn, I just wished that we were not rushed just to get out early.

So far I am holding strong taking all three Wilton cake decorating courses at Michaels in one month. It gets a little crazy when it comes time for prep work or supplies. I am constantly rushing home to wash out my containers for the following day. But if I didn't do this I would have gotten one class in and then who knows how long until I got to another base where there would be a Michaels near by. I am just hoping that I do not get burned out! Only 2 more weeks go to!

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Yenta Mary said...

That looks amazing! I have neither the patience nor the fine motor skills to decorate cakes, so I am MOST impressed ... :)


Lucy's Soup Can said...

I love the texture of the balloons. It looks great! I've seen the results of a few people's cake classes and I'm always so impressed.

Anonymous said...

that's gorgeous!

PS: stop on over, I left you an award last night!


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I would totally spend $10 on that! I've never decorated a cake, not unless you count sprinkles! This class sounds interesting, you're taking them at Michaels? I should check them out, thanks!

ann low said...

I think you had done a good job :) I'm impressed !

makeupthoughts said...


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Nikki said...

Your cake looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.