Wilton Course One Class One

Tonight was my first Wilton cake decorating class and it was a long two hours going over the basics. Like how to bake a cake and how to use your decorating bags. It wasn't until the last 15 minutes that we actually got to do something.

I had to bring in 6 flat cookies and my cookie of choice was a coconut cookie. The instructor had us decorate the cookies practicing the star tip design, so that way we could get used to piping. There is not a whole lot to be shared other than a picture of my ill attempt of decorating with the star tip. I really wanted to make the baby carriage cookie but with the little time we had I was not going to make a mess trying to produce one cookie in 15 minutes. So I stuck to just piping out as many stars as possible. Nothing fancy I know... next week we learn to transfer an image onto a cake. The instructor said that she will be supplying a picture of a rainbow for us. I am not overly thrilled with that idea, I was really hoping I could bring in a picture of 101 dalmatians... not all 101 of them though of course. Oh well, hopefully next week I can get my hands dirty and really get into decorating.

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Cinnamon-Girl said...

I always wanted to take this course Kristin! It looks fun.