The Girl Behind the Blog

My name is Kristin, with an I not an E. I'm a marine wife and a loving mamma to a cat, a dog, and a tortoise. I love cooking now but I must confess that it was a learn as you go kind of process. Let me just tell you a couple of stories of how I used to be...

On my wedding day before saying "I do", I decided to make burgers, veil and all... with a slotted spoon. Oh yes, you read that correctly. This girl right here was flipping burgers with a slotted spoon on her wedding day while wearing her white veil. I'm surprised I didn't catch the thing on fire, but what I did end up catching on fire were the paper plates from my bachelorette party that were sitting on the back burner. Lucky for me, my best friend was right there with the video camera to catch all of this on film.

Shortly after being married I had to call the fire dept. while the Mr. was away on training because I set the smoke detector off in the house.  I was trying to broil steaks, wound up incinerating them, and couldn't figure out how to turn the smoke detector off. I was so embarrassed to have fire trucks flashing their lights out front over burnt steaks. The guys were nice about it and showed me how to unplug the darn thing but I am positive that when they left, they had a good laugh about it on the way back to the station.

So yeah, I was a real Emeril Lagasse when I got married. I started watching cooking shows, accumulating recipes and slowly but surely I started to get in the groove of things. I won't say that I know everything or that I am the best cook out there but I am pretty proud of how far I have come.

"A quirky recipe blog about a marine wife learning how to cook."