Cabot's Serious Snacking Cheese Review

Many of you probably already know this but the Mr. and I are huge fans of Cabot cheese. We usually always had a brick in our refrigerator. I say had because at our new location they don't sell the cheese. Don't be sad though because when we moved here I received an email from John over at Cabot Creamery asking if I would be interested in trying their new Snacking Cheese line, which of course I said yes. I got to choose two flavors and so I went with the one cheese that we love, habanero cheddar and a cheese that was foreign to me, garlic and herb cheddar.

I have had garlic and herb in those soft cheeses before but never in a brick so I was interested to see what it would taste like. It is pretty darn good! You can taste the garlic and herbs but it isn't overpowering.

This one I can actually compare to the full fat version and I found that there is no difference in taste or texture. If you are unfamiliar with habanero cheese don't be afraid, it is not as spicy as it sounds. Think, pepper jack but maybe a little bit more spicy.

In the end I found that the cheese was rather filling. I only had the two pieces and it filled me up and that lasted for a while. I was really shocked to find that the low fat cheese didn't taste different or lack in flavor. I also love that they are individually wrapped so they keep you from accidentally overeating more than you should but they make perfect quick throw in's for a lunch box or when you are running out the door and need something quick. I really do like them and I am very glad that they thought of me when they were choosing people to try the new product before it hit shelves. I just wish they sold the cheese here, I don't think my two bags are going to last us another eight months until we move again.

*Cabot Creamery sent me the cheese but did not ask me to write a review, I chose to do so. I just couldn't help but share this delicious cheese with everyone.


Jacquelyn said...

We're so glad that you got the samples. It's great to hear that you like them, too! Thanks for your support :)

Treat and Trick said...

Pancake soup looks so yum, I love that spiced cheese too, thanks for the visit...

daphne said...

whatever cheese type maybe, I just like it.