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I stumbled across this website and thought that it was a wonderful idea and just had to share it with you guys. Have you ever been on vacation and looked at the menu and couldn't figure out what half the items were, so you just ended up getting a safe easy burger or worse you go to a fast food joint? Well this website helps you navigate dishes based on the cities and countries. Like for instance if I was in Tokyo and saw kakigōri on the menu I would overlook it because I would have no clue what it was. Little would I know that all it was was a snow cone!

Picture was taken from the website

They are currently looking for contributors from all over the world to help submit their local cuisine because right now they don't have a lot of links on there. You can submit photos or articles about a dish and rate dishes that are already on there. I encourage you all to go and check out the website and if you don't see a dish on there that needs to be shared with others, then take a few minutes of your time to add it to the website. Did I mention that this is all free? They are not charging people to either add nor utilize the website. So if you are getting ready for a spring break getaway or even summer vacation, make sure that you have this website in your back pocket.

It could just make the difference between this

or this

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Joanne said...

Whoa what an awesome site! And super useful!