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What is a good but inexpensive juicer?

I know that this is a recipe blog but I have an appliance question for all of my foodies out there. I am in need of a juicer, a good but inexpensive one. I currently have my magic bullet that has a juicer attachment but it doesn't work well at all. I have to scoop out the pulp while juicing just one glass of juice, not to mention that the pulp I do throw out is still wet but my machine just won't extract anymore. It also makes a mess when I am adding ingredients into the top because it spits out the pulp from the top and ends up all over the cabinets and myself. If you know of a good one please leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts. I am hoping to pick one up really soon.

Many Thanks,

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Joanne said...

I wish I had an answer for you, but I'm in the market for a juicer myself! Let me know what you decide to buy!