Review: Varick Winery's Screaming Hornets Hot Sauce

I have got to share this hot sauce with you guys. Last year my family went on a wine tasting tour up by the Finger Lakes and came across a winery that also made hot sauces. Knowing how spicy my husband likes his food, my mom bought a bottle of their Screaming Hornets hot sauce for a Christmas gift. However, when the Mr. and I tried the hot sauce I quickly claimed it as mine. You see, the Mr. has a tenancy to put hot sauce on everything... literally. He puts it on hot dogs, on his eggs and even on his turkey sandwiches.

I thankfully had the fortune of visiting the winery when the Mr. and I were in NY a few months back. Funny story, we couldn't find the place. We drove past it about twice because within the year from when my family went to when I got to go the winery had changed their name due to legal issues. So, who knows, maybe I have the few bottles of hot sauce with their old name on it. 

*info taken from their website*
Varick Winery is a jack of all trades in the Finger Lakes Wine Country in Upstate NY. The historic farm dates back to the early 1800's and houses not only the vineyard but a berry farm and lodging as well. Yes they make and sell wine ranging from dry reds and whites to sweet cherry wine, but you can also go there during berry season and pick your own berries (which is one of my fondest childhood memories or my grandmother and me). They also have a country store where you can purchase their hot sauce, BBQ sauce, various fruit butter, jelly, fruit toppings, fruit preserves, mustard and salsa.

About the product.
This hot sauce is buzzing with flavors of Tabasco, peppers, habanero peppers, vinegar, green chili peppers, and black pepper. It can make some of the less qualified absolutely SCREAM! A must for chicken wings. Hot-Hot-Hot!

Conclusion: I love this hot sauce. It's not really that spicy, which may take away points for some but not me. When the hot sauce first hits my tongue, I taste a tangy sweetness to it, but then the heat kicks in for a second and then there's a peppery after taste to it. I will say that I'm not like the Mr., I don't put this hot sauce on everything. In fact, I love it so much that I'm quite stingy with it to be honest. I find that it goes really well on creamy noodle dishes like the creamy beef and noodle casserole, beef stroganoff  and S.O.P. However, when I do put it on something, I make sure there's hot sauce in every bite. This is definitely a great hot sauce. It has amazing flavor and isn't over powering in the spice department. I highly recommend this hot sauce if you're a fan of a little spice and tend to put pepper on your food.

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Chaya Selig said...

I wish my husband would like hot foods but he does not. Bland is his favorite type of food. I add spices on my own food, often.