A Night With My Movie Star Husband

I know that this is a blog for recipes but this past week I have not cooked a thing. I may have reheated leftovers but I definitely did not make anything. This week was jam packed and flew by fast. We had my husbands promotion and then a ton of running around trying to get his dress blues in order and up to date with new chevrons for Friday's gala event at the National Museum of the Marine Corp. So needless to say we have been running around all week but I think that in the end it was all worth it.

A year ago my husband volunteered to be apart of a film for the museum to reenact the battle of Belleau Wood. Every day for a week he would come home covered in what looked like dirt but it was actually make up. Then the shoot was over and he went back to normal Marine life and we waited patiently for the exhibit in the museum to open. The date got pushed back once because they wanted to open the exhibit the day the battle of Belleau Wood took place, so we waited a little bit longer. Boy was it worth the wait! They transformed the museum into this gorgeous reception area and the exhibits were really neat. We went through them a couple of times and still didn't see everything. Not to mention the video that my husband was in! It was especially neat running into the other guys from the video. They all kept coming up to my husband saying "We're too bunched up!" which was his line in the video. It was just an amazing night and I took pictures to share with you guys.

What would a food blog be w/out pictures of food?

They had this massive tub of hot fudge.

Open bar.

Then we walked through the exhibits.

Pictures from the video.
They didn't come out well but that is what
I get for trying to take pictures off of a screen.

Hubby is the one all the way to the left.

And one of the two possible ending scenes.
My husband throwing the grenade.
He moved too fast but then again, who throws
a grenade in slow motion?

As we were leaving they handed us posters.
It wasn't until this morning that we opened them.

And found out that my husband made the poster!

It was an amazing night and I just had to share it with you. If you are ever in Northern Virginia stopping by the National Museum of the Marine Corp is a must. There is a ton of information on the Marine Corp and it's free! Take my advise, you won't be disappointed.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I have weeks like that too when I just refuse to cook. I've been on a good streak lately but with summer here, there will be more grilling burgers and corn and less creative meals.

Love the drink your holding, it looks cute and good! Love the cheesecake, I so had to pause and look at that for a minute before going on!

The farthest east we go is Wisconsin (going tomorrow!) so I probably won't be in Virginia anytime soon but thanks!

Rachel said...

How awesome--I have a few Marines in my family, and would love to someday visit the museum.

Jenna said...

I'm a little late, but wanted to say 'happy friday'! I found you on Friendly Friday and am your newest follower! I'd love it if you could come follow me too.


Cinnamon-Girl said...

That's so neat Kristin! And yay! For making it on the poster!