Wilton Course Two Class Four (Final Cake)

For the final class of flowers and cake design we assembled our cakes. We brought in a plain iced cake to put our flowers on. I was giving this cake to a friend of mine who loves strawberry cake so I made what I call a chocolate covered strawberry cake. I made a boxed strawberry cake and for the center filling I used chocolate fudge pudding.

The first thing we learned to do is basket weave. It looks really complicated but really it is just time consuming. As you are doing it you think "wow this is easy!" but then you look at how far you need to go still and then your hand starts cramping up on you. I will admit though that all that hard work payed off. Halfway through, in true class fashion, my icing started to melt and the piping wasn't as crisp as it was in the beginning. Oh well, I am still really proud of my basket weave.

After the basket weave we put our flowers on. Now remember last week how I told you how I was fighting that ridiculous storm and missed the demonstration on how to make the lily? Well, I went online and looked up how to make a lily and found it to be really easy. My father used to always give his mother stargazer lilies for Easter and Mother's Day, not to mention my wedding bouquet were stargazer lilies, so when I realized how easy they were to make I immediately want to make stargazer lilies. There was a problem though, no one on the internet makes them with icing! No worries though because with some quick thinking I came up with my own technique to make stargazer lilies and I think that they rock!

I did have one small problem though. Out of one dozen flowers that I made, only five made it on the cake. It was so humid that week that even though I made them a week in advance they didn't dry fully. So when I went to take them off of the foil to put on the cake they started breaking and parts were still mushy. I really wanted to just wanted to crawl under some covers and cry at that point. I had this vision of the lilies flowing down the side of the cake but that was not going to work with my flowers. I didn't even bring any of the flowers we made in previous classes because I was banking on my lilies. In the end the cake was gorgeous and the fact that it was a pink strawberry cake inside really did pull all of the colors together.

I would definitely pay $10 for this cake!

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Katie said...

Beautiful! Congrats for completeing the course. I've been wanting to take the cake decorating courses for quite some time... Hopefully within the next few month's I'll get to give it a try!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Congrats! This is just beautiful, I'm sure your friend was thrilled!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I agree, I would totally pay that much for cake! I love the basket weave. I have a hard time doing that with construction paper let alone icing! Good for you! So who gets to eat all this cake?

Anncoo said...

Hey Kristin, you've done a good job.This is pretty and I'm sure your friend will be very happy when she received this lovely cake :)

Joanne said...

Oh my god that is gorgeous! That's it. I'm signing up for one of these classes.

Cinnamon Girl said...

It's gorgeous! Especially the lilies. Great job.