Course Three Class One

The first class of fondant and gum paste was more fast paced for a first class than the other two courses. We went right to work on making the loops for our bows. There was only 4 women including myself attending the class so it was a more one on one than the other classes. (sorry I forgot to get a picture of the loops but you will see the finished product later)

After the bows were finished we got to work on making daisies. I think that they are super cute. So far I am finding that I think everything is cute. I think it is more or less the fact that I can sit back and say "I made that!" Of course the instructor came over to help me because I was falling behind. You see, I am a perfectionist at the worst of times. I think that I get that from my mother. Either way, I had to make sure that the bows were folded the same and that they all looked like bows and the flowers... well lets just say that was a challenge. Not the actual making of the flowers but the plastic flower cutters that came with my kit were utter crap. My flower looks like a frayed webbed star fish, nothing like a daisy at all. So of course while everyone just made do with what they had I was cutting the webs between the petals and trying to push back and pin the fringed ends so that I didn't have a shaggy daisy. I got the job done and I think my daisies were well worth it.

Carnations on the other hand, I will have to get used to. I don't understand them, they don't really look like carnations when I make them. Although I suppose you will always be your worst critic.Either way they are a pain in the butt. You cut out all of these small circles and the make a fringe edge on them and then place one on top of the other making layers. But to get the carnation look you need to put pieces of paper towel in between each layer or else all of your layers fall and you end up with a flat looking flower. The paper towel is my enemy in this case. I crush the petals trying to get paper in between the layers and it is just not a pretty sight. But I loved the daisies... they are adorable!

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